Architectural frameless

Grilles M&K’s Architectural frameless, low profile, metal mesh front grilles are a subtly elegant virtually invisible element in any living space that can be painted to match the surrounding wall. For vibration-free mounting, the M&K in-wall grilles are fitted with multiple rubber-coated neodymium magnets with more than enough strength for safe in-ceiling use. Hardened Steel Baffles The specially modified M&K drive units are mounted in solid steel font baffles to reinforce the wall and eliminate the rattle and buzz of common plastic frame in-wall speakers. The heat hardened steel is powder coated for effective rust-proofing to last a lifetime. IW 950, IW150II, IW 300 and IW28S incorporate folded baffle edges for enhanced stability in unpredictable environment.

As a direct descendent of M&K Sound’s standard-setting professional studio monitors, the highly versatile IW95 is built on a thick front steel baffle system with solid mounting brackets and can be mounted for seamless, smooth fit and finish and rock-solid installation to deliver a seamless, holographic, three-dimensional listening experience.

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